Closed Cell Foam

Spray foam insulation is ideal for builders and homeowners looking for an all-in-one home insulating and air sealing solution. Our insulation team has been installing spray foam insulation in homes across Delaware and the Delmarva peninsula since 2002. Insulating and air sealing with spray foam can pay for your insulation investment in a short time.

Closed cell spray foam is more dense than open cell spray foam as the cells in the foam are closed. This increases the product’s R-value and can contribute to building stability.

Closed cell spray foam has a density of 2.0 pounds per cubic foot. The cells are closed and packed tightly together. They are filled with gas that helps the foam rise and expand. Closed cell foam is very dense, and therefore has greater insulating properties. Closed cell spray foam insulation has an R-value of 5.4 to 7.2 per inch.

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