Crawl Space Conditioning in Georgetown, DE

Crawl spaces under homes can create enormous headaches for homeowners. Because of the naturally high humidity levels of soil, these spaces are susceptible to moisture and deterioration. Damp environments are unhealthy, harbor mold, and create an ideal living space for pests.

Without a conditioned crawl space, you could run into some significant problems.

Think this damp space is isolated and doesn’t affect the interior of your home? Think again. The natural airflow of a home is from bottom to top (ground to sky). As your home naturally breathes, the moist air (and everything in it) flows up and into the living areas of the home.

Proper sealing and crawl space foam insulation in your home can lead to multiple wins:

  • Create a more comfortable and healthier living environment for you and your family
  • Reduce energy costs by not having to heat or cool the air from the crawl space that is pulled into your home due to natural airflow
  • Add storage by creating a clean and dry space underneath your home

There are two steps to properly air seal and insulate a crawl space:

1. Floor Liner

  • Seals out moisture and soil gases
  • Unaffected by storage items and human traffic
  • We utilize a multi-ply 6, 12, or 20 mil poly liner that has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty

2. Crawl Space Encapsulation with Spray Foam or Rigid Foam Insulation

  • Allows the walls of the crawl space to breathe
  • No nesting support for insects or rodents
  • Does not support mold growth
  • Can be installed to your specific choice of crawl space insulation R-value
Crawl space conditioning before and after Delmarva services.

Should I Remove Crawl Space Insulation?

Any material that absorbs and retains moisture is not the best insulation for crawl spaces. If your existing insulation is damp, it is likely to harbor mold growth that can spread inside your home. This can be a serious issue, and correcting it is a big project — and a potentially dangerous one.

If you suspect that your crawl space insulation might need to be removed, let one of our trained professionals perform an inspection so we can safely remove the damaged material as soon as possible.

Have questions about your crawl space foam insulation? Contact us today to learn more about crawl space encapsulation with spray foam.

Crawl Space Insulation Projects

See examples of crawl space wall insulation with foam boards, covered with poly liners and air sealed between the floor of the house and the top of the crawl space.