A rain gutter downspout with water coming out from the side, with a flower bed in the background.Along with the warmer weather comes rain showers and winter thawing. While most of us delight in more sun and warmth, the additional precipitation can expose previously unobserved issues in your crawl space. If your home does not have proper drainage, this can lead to problems such as damage to your structure, growth of mold and influx of pests. It is vital to control the moisture in your crawl space to keep it dry.

Controlling the moisture starts with the outside of your home where you can nip many problems in the bud. Investing in a gutter system has great benefits compared to the relative low cost. Gutters will guide the rain away from your home’s foundation and your crawl space. If you are unable to add gutters, consider hiring a professional who can grade the earth around your foundation and direct the water away from your home.

After you have managed the exterior concerns, take the time to inspect the inside of your crawl space. Dirt floors may look dry, but they can emit moisture into your crawl space. For this reason, they should typically be sealed with a material like polyethylene.

Address your crawl space issues today before they escalate to a bigger problem that affects your foundation and your health.

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