Worker Installing Wall Insulation via Injection; by Delmarva Spray Foam in Georgetown, Delaware

Existing homes can lose up to 35% of its energy efficiency through poorly insulated walls. This not only affects your home’s energy efficiency, it affects your home’s comfort.

Most homeowners don’t know foam insulation can be added to the exterior walls of their existing home. Where historically spray foam insulation could only be applied in open cavities like open walls or attics, today’s injection foam can be added to exterior walls of an existing home. This means older or existing homes can benefit from the air sealing and insulating benefits of foam insulation!

Handi-Fill Wall Seal was specifically designed to safely and completely fill closed wall cavities to insulate and stop air leaks. During product application, Handi-Fill Wall Seal in injected into the cavity through a small hole.

To ensure the cavity is not over filled and the injection foam is properly filling the entire space, an infrared scan is performed during installation to show the installer how the foam is going in place. This allows the installer to adjust the volume of foam that’s being applied to ensure the cavity is properly filled.

Handi-Fill Brochure

Injection foam can be installed in spaces as small as 1/2 inch at an R-value of 3.4 per inch. Handi-Fill Wall Seal will not settle or shrink over time like some insulation materials. This ensures a true air seal preventing air movement and uncomfortable drafts.

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