Crawl space moldSpring is already here, so we can expect sunnier and warmer days. We can also expect to see melting from the winter and spring showers. Now is the time to be sure your crawl space is in good condition to deter water from coming in and keep your home’s structural integrity intact.

When you prepare for spring, inspect your crawl space and keep the following tips in mind:


Your floors will sustain a more even temperature if your crawl space is correctly insulated and conditioned. Think about applying spray foam insulation in your crawl space because it insulates, seals cracks and seals any other penetration points in just one application. You can even add extra storage space to your home by completely sealing your crawl space (also known as a conditioned crawl space).


Commonly cracks will form in your crawl space walls. By sealing these points, you can deter water and pests from entering your crawl space. You can benefit from spray foam which insulates and air seals in one step.


If you want to prevent water from entering your crawl space, move it away from your home’s foundation. By directing the water drainage away from your home, it will not come into your crawl space. If you have water pooling around your home, you may need to contact a landscape architect or other professional to remedy the issue with possible grading around your foundation.

Spring is here with showers and winter melting! Now is the time to inspect your crawl space. Contact our office to schedule a free estimate. If you have other crawl space or insulation questions, give us a call!