People insulate their pole barns to be more comfortable, regulate the temperature and cut down on noise. Pole barns have very thin, metal walls so the temperature can fluctuate dramatically. Metal conducts heat and cold which can make the building interior uncomfortable. Spray foam insulation can increase the comfort in your pole barn and also eliminate noise bleed. So working late hours in your pole barn won’t disturb your neighbors.

If your pole barn is used for storing vehicles of any type, insulating the space can help protect your investments. If your pole barn is used as a workshop, regulating the temperature so you’re comfortable while you work is important. Installing spray foam insulation will make the space comfortable and protect your contents.

Closed cell spray foam is recommended for insulating pole barns. Closed cell spray foam insulates and seals air leaks in one step. Closed cell spray foam also adds structural strength to walls and ceilings which helps protect the integrity of the building.

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